Scotland's Top Textile Designers and Luxury Brands Support Real Wool at Royal Highland Show
Fashion Article Posted June 29, 2011

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Scotland's leading textiles designers and manufacturers are showcasing ‘real' wool couture today at the Royal Highland Show.

Royal Highland Show 2011 - wool fashion ScotlandRoyal Highland Show 2011 - ScotlandRoyal Highland Show 2011 - Scotland WoolRoyal Highland Show - Scotland Wool 2011

The ‘Rediscover the Wonders of Wool' event which celebrates Scotland's wool industry and its contribution to the local economy, is part of the Campaign for Wool.

This glamorous showcase of 'wool in action' highlights the wonders of this natural commodity and its superiority over synthetic fibres.

Many bespoke pieces have been created for the event including a green patchwork effect Harris Tweed frock coat with antique train by Judy R. Clark who is displaying alongside the other designers and manufacturers as part of the special fashion show.

Textiles Scotland and Scottish Enterprise are working with The National Sheep Association and the Campaign for Wool, to educate the public on the fibre's journey from the farm to the catwalk.

The value of Scottish wool clip in 2010 was approximately £40 million and in 2010 there were 2.95 million wool producing sheep in Scotland, with 2.66 million breeding ewes. With more than 60 different breeds of sheep Britain is home to more sheep breeds than any other country in the world.

Cathy Black, head of textiles at Scottish Enterprise, said: "Scotland is world renowned for the production of premium quality wool products including garments and interiors.

"The wool industry has faced many challenges in recent years due to falling prices and the competition posed by man-made synthetic fabrics. In order to ensure Scotland continues be a strong force in the production of woollen textiles we need to support this fibre particularly when targeting overseas markets.

"We are delighted that this group of established and up-and-coming designers and manufacturers are showcasing their creations at the Royal Highland Show today which will clearly remind the public about what a fashionable fibre wool is and its importance to Scotland."

Scottish designers and manufacturers which have helped to make Scotland a world leader in the production of woollen garments and interiors by bringing Scottish wool to a global audience include: 21st CENTURY KILTS, Ardalanish, Begg Scotland, Breanish Tweed, Bute fabrics, Calzeat (& Glenisla), Catherine Aitken, Clare McInally, Eribé, Greengrove Weavers, Harris Tweed Hebrides, Hawick Knitwear, House of Cheviot, Hunter Wellingtons, Iona Crawford, Jaggy Nettle, Jo Storie, Johnstons of Elgin, Lochcarron, Pea Cooper, Walker Slater, William Chambers and William Lockie.

This is an extra special year for Harris Tweed which celebrates its 100th birthday. Wool has become a fixture on the catwalk due to the increasing demand for Tweed and knitwear. It is also a popular fabric for flooring and interiors, medical use, protective apparel and activewear.

If you are interested in learning more about Textiles Scotland please visit:

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About Textiles Scotland

Textiles Scotland was established by the Scottish Textile Industry Association (STIA) to increase awareness of the scope and scale of businesses involved in the Scottish textiles and fashion industry. This brand has been created to represent Scottish interests at international events and provide a single point of contact for the industry.

Textiles Scotland holds regular forums on industry issues and opportunities that help to determine its future.

Image 01: Model wears Lilac Eribé cable knit dress at the Textiles Scotland ‘Rediscover the Wonders of Wool' fashion show at the Royal Highland Show.

Image 03: Models wear Calzeat three-piece suit and Judy R Clark Harris Tweed Frock coat. Ladhar, black Hebridean-breed sheep (overall champion at show), owned by Mark Paton and Helena Mann.

Image 04: (left to right): Models wear Judy R Clark Harris Tweed Frock coat, Calzeat three-piece suit (red tartan) and grey kilt ensemble by 21st CENTURY KILTS.

Image 05: Model wears Judy R Clark Harris Tweed Frock coat. Shetland sheep owned by Margaret McEwen-king.

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