Apparel Machinery Guide Page 3
Research information about clothing and textile industry machinery manufacturers.

Guide to textile and apparel machinery & equipment.  Find sewing machine manufacturers, and more.
Quilting Rapier Machinery Raschel
Recycling Machinery Reeds For Looms Reeling
Repair Machinery Rhinestone Setting Machine Ring Temples /
Spinning Rings
Rollers Rolling Machinery Rotary Hook
Rotating and Alternating Motion Controls Sample Making Equipment Sand Blasting Machines
Sewing Machines Shearing Shirt Machinery
Shoe Equipment Shredding (fabric) Shuttle Loom
Slitting  Snap Fastener Spare Parts
Spinning Spreading Stamping
Steaming Stenters Stop Motion
Strapping Machinery Sueding Tagging Tools
Tape Applying Machinery Terry Machinery Testing / Lab Equipment
Textile Machine Controller Thread Trimming Tricot Machinery
Twisting Used Machinery Waistband Machinery
Warehouse Machinery Warping Washing
Water Treatment Weaving Machinery Webbing
Winding Machines Wire Crimping Wholesale Machinery
yarn Machinery Zipper Machines  
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