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Fashion Article Posted December 12, 2011

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The founder of Fit Custom Shirts stated at an interview: "Get rid of wearing off the rack dress shirts and step in to the modernized world of custom dress shirts".

As it is said that "First impression is the last impression", considering that some respected and renowned companies like Fit Custom Shirts have introduced the new world of custom tailored shirts.

The main reason to introduce this concept is to provide men with the best fitted dress shirts, so by wearing them, they can portray their personality in an effective way and could leave a long lasting impression on others. Custom dress shirts are made to your specifications, measurements, style and physique.

"Once you experience wearing the fit of custom dress shirts, it will be unfeasible for you to go back to readymade shirts, which usually do not fit anyone properly", stated by the CEO of

Utilizing exclusive craftsmanship to achieve high standards is the primary objective of Fit Custom Shirts (founded for almost a decade now) a US based company idealizing the art and technology of internet based custom clothing. The company considered unique and stand out among the crowd because of their highly affordable prices and also for exciting deals and discount offers, which are not usually offered by others.

The CEO has also added that; "Highly experienced and specialized tailors around the world are hired to provide our clients with the best quality and design of custom dress shirts. Also we use finest material for the making of custom tailored shirts so they can endure long lasted".

Fit custom Shirts works really hard to provide best to their clients, the example of this is mentioned on their website that they do not only teach you that, how you should use the custom dress shirt's software to get your custom dress shirt made, but also proffer thousands of instructions to what when and how to wear custom tailored shirts. Also there are various articles available by Fit Custom Shirts regarding new fashion in, out or about to be in, which is very convenient for customers because they can have all the information at once without utilizing more time on browsing other sites on internet.

Later he also added; "Wearing well fitted dress shirt used to be a privilege for the elite class but for that, one has to be rich to be able to look stylish and fit well in a dress shirt. But we have removed all these discrimination barriers, now every man can afford to wear custom dress shirts and demonstrate his personality in a well fitted dress shirt"

Company gets the custom dress shirts handcrafted to completely match the patterns on the fabric and use the best quality of buttons to give an elegant appearance. In addition they also ensure that collar stay in shape.

"The main motto of any custom dress shirt is not only to make a man look good, but to give comfort as well, because providing just a good looking dress shirt is not enough, it should be delivered with complete package, look with comfort", said by the owner of Fit Custom Shirts".

Traditionally, custom dress shirts are stitched by hand by highly experienced tailors and available in all styles, when a question was asked to the CEO he replied as: "now it doesn't matter whether you are looking for tall dress shirts, athletic cut dress shirts, full sleeves, and half sleeves or even of any kind, you can get it from Fit Custom Shirts, we also offer all kinds of custom shirt designs on our website, whether you are looking for casual, formal, or even corporate style, simply name it and you'll get it."

In addition, the company is best known for their guarantees as well as convenient customer service. To experience their qualities of custom dress shirts you can visit their website online and develop your own opinion.

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