Studio Cocoa Moon Eco-friendly Jewellery and Accessories
Fashion Article Posted November 22, 2011

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Studio Cocoa Moon launches range of eco-friendly art jewellery and exquisite accessories, mostly necklaces, made from recycled materials.

Nancy Nichting, originally from the Netherlands, is the driving force behind Studio Cocoa Moon, a jewellery design studio based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is a genie when it comes to creating beautiful, contemporary ‘wearable art' from what others would consider junk. Nichting creates unique jewellery pieces with the notion that each design should be eco-friendly and crafted from pre-loved or re-purposed items.

Nichting uses a wide variety of materials in her jewellery designs such as wood, rubber, leather, metal, and other materials, oftentimes incorporating recycled items and vintage treasures to render them ‘green', limited edition and one-of-a-kind show stoppers. Her designs often contain contrasting elements to create a distinctive and striking look.

Studio Cocoa Moon's creations have gained popularity amongst actresses, music artists, fashionistas and other style-conscious and confident women who look for exclusivity and originality that sets them apart from the crowd, as opposed to wearing mass produced ‘bling' from the East. Jewellery can also be created to the client's individual specifications. Studio Cocoa Moon's designs were showcased at the Johannesburg Fashion Week in the beginning of this year, and Nichting's dream and aim for the future is to showcase at the New York Fashion week.

High levels of craftsmanship and exclusivity at Studio Cocoa Moon are guaranteed, as each piece of jewellery is hand-made by Nichting herself, and not one design is the same. Her jewellery collection is rapidly expanding and is now available on the Studio Cocoa Moon website for global shipping due to increasing international interest and demand.

About Studio Cocoa Moon:
Studio Cocoa Moon is a Johannesburg based Art Jewellery Design Studio. The designs are hand crafted, using re-purposed materials to create unique wearable art for big personalities. Art Jewellery pieces can be custom-designed according to client's individual preferences. Website:

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