Christophe Guillarmé Paris Fashion Week September 2011
Fashion Article Posted October 6, 2011

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Spring/summer 2012 show - Wednesday September 28th, 2011 at Balajo - Paris 11th

« Rorschach» from designer Christophe Guillarmé

Christophe Guillarme Paris Fashion Week September 2011
Pictures credit : Gleichauf-barylko

New collection of designer Christophe Guillarmé named « Rorschach » was on the runway during Paris fashion week at famous club Balajo.  Among support of celebrities, friends with Christophe, Lovely singer Melissa Mars in a black lasercut minidress, UK it-girl Hofit Golan, stunning in a mini coated silk dress with beaded shoulders.  To notice also singer Armande Altaï, actress Valérie Baurens, actor Eriq Ebouaney and movie director Philippe Harel and his wife : writer Sylvie Bourgeois-harel.

In front of this prestigious audience It's an introspection on his work that Christophe Guillarmé was presenting this season throw renowned Roschach test experiment .  A desire to test creation process : on how to propose a collection out of an ink spot in order to find inspiration origin.  Designer's interpretation is mixing shapes to propose a new silhouette with sometimes unfinished parts covered with a nude beaded mesh revealing some skin.  With this idea that inspiration is volatil and can missed on some part of a dress providing an exquisite preliminary piece stronger than a final one.

Christophe‘s muse is simply unpredictable and totally edgy, playing with ambivalent outfits to give some seduction messages.  color range is bring back to essentials immaculate white on lasercut petals, black lace with silver embroideries, nude on draped mesh, tons of gold in various aspects including mesh, antic gold and matt golden sequins; last but not least bronze in beaded gandoura way. No excess for this confident look made for a urban and solar amazon.

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