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According to ecomii, a comprehensive resource for everything healthy and green, the term “carbon footprint” is defined as an estimate of how much carbon dioxide is produced to support a particular lifestyle. It is a measure of a person's particular impact on the climate based on how much carbon dioxide he or she produces. Factors that contribute to a person's carbon footprint includes their travel methods and general home energy usage. Carbon footprints can also be applied on a larger scale, to companies, businesses, and even countries.

The national average for someone in the U.S. is 7.5 tons of carbon dioxide emitted per year. You can determine your personal carbon footprint at the carbon footprint website. Individuals and businesses can help offset their carbon dioxide production by buying carbon offsets or planting trees to balance their carbon dioxide emissions.

Of course, all types of businesses create carbon footprints, but Apparel Search points to a few sources that aim to help fashionistas reduce theirs.  According to the UK's The Independent, a low-carbon wardrobe is a small wardrobe. The Independent advises fashion fans to buy second-hand whenever possible and when buying new, ensure that you are purchasing items you truly like and will wear for many years. The majority of a clothing's carbon footprint probably stems from keeping the item clean.

Apparel Search also credits Continental Clothing, a London-based organic apparel company, in partnership with the Carbon Trust. Since November 2007, Continental Clothing has been working with the Carbon Trust to measure and reduce the carbon footprint of its EarthPositive Apparel products. Continental’s initial reason for producing the Carbon Reduction Label was to provide credible independent verification for their 90% lower CO2 achievement. The purpose of EarthPositive apparel is to pass forward competitive advantage to companies that are seeking ways to act on climate change using real products. For more information, visit:

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Maybe you can help save the world by purchasing vintage clothing. Will that help the fashion industries carbon footprint?

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