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Welcome to the worlds greatest guide to Men's Socks.  Are you actually looking for Men's Socks?  Well, we hope you are because the reality is that you have found our men's sock page.  In this area of the Apparel Search directory, you will find all sorts of interesting information regarding socks for men.

Hosiery, also referred to as legwear, describes garments worn directly on the feet and legs.  This category includes socks.

A sock is an item of clothing worn on the feet and often covering the ankle and some part of the calf.  They are typically worn under a pair of men's shoes or men's boots.  One of the primary roles of socks is absorbing perspiration. They also provide comfort, warmth, and a sense of style.  Socks can be created from a wide variety of materials. Some of these materials are cotton, wool, nylon, acrylic, polyester, olefins, (such as polypropylene), or spandex. To get an increased level of softness other materials that might be used during the process can be silk, bamboo, linen, cashmere, or mohair.

Clothing designers have an endless variety of colors to choose from when designing socks.  It is simply a matter of dying yarns to the desired color shade.  The color variety of sock choices can be any color that the designers intend to make the sock upon its creation.  Sometimes artistic design is put onto socks to increase their appearance.  An example being novelty socks.  Novelty socks are often colorful, fun, and interesting.

Here are a few basic rules of thumb to consider when wearing socks:

Socks are manufactured in a variety of lengths. Their are many different types of socks available in the menswear market.  In general their are three primary lengths of socks.  low-cut, ankle, and knee-length.  However, their are actually many different varieties of size.

Athletic socks are often produced with a support band around the arch and are made with fabrics to help wick away moisture.  They come in a wide variety of styles including no-show, low-cut, quarter length, crew length, and tube socks.

A business sock or dress sock is a term for a colored sock for conservative appearance and casual footwear. The term is often used loosely to indicate a term for a conservative office setting. For instance, business socks, business shirts and business shoes are used for office and job. They are typically over the calf length or mid-calf length.  Argyle pattern socks are OK.

Crew socks are short, thick everyday socks usually ribbed at the top of the ankles.

Low cut sock is a kind of sock that describe in a way to be cut below ankle. Low cut socks are formed to cover the contours of feet.

Most sports will require some sort of sock, usually a tube sock to protect one's legs from being scraped while participating in sport activities

A toe sock encases each toe individually the same way a finger is encased in a glove, while other socks have one compartment for the big toe and one for the rest, like a mitten; most notably Japanese tabi.

Slouch socks are fashion socks with a long top that can be pushed down and worn gathered around the ankle.  They "slouch" down.

If you were curious, yes it is a good idea to buy your father a pair of socks as a gift.  He just needs to know you are thinking about him.  Any gift idea is a good one.

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