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A poncho is a simple garment designed to keep the body dry during rain. It is essentially a single large sheet of fabric with an opening for the head and sometimes for the arms. Some ponchos also have hoods attached.

Alternative ponchos are now designed as fashion accessories; they are the same shape but of different material. They are designed to look fashionable and be loose and comfortable, rather than ward off rain. These are often made out of wool or other stringy material.

While a traditional clothing in the whole world it's nowadays a standard in military field uniforms, as a raincoat for wandering and biking. Traditional and more local names and variants are:

  • Poncho, Spain and worldwide
  • Chamanto, central Chile,
  • Kotze or "Wetterfleck" in Austria, Switzerland and Bavaria, dark green or brown clothing for hunting
  • Paenula, in the old Rome, some kind of cape or jacket
  • Kasel or Pluviale, catholic church clothing
  • Pelerine, Redingote and Cape, weatherjacket without arms
  • "Gurgel" in the Middle Age, short, sometimes with hood
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