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A cuff link, cufflink or cuff-link is a decorative fastener used to fasten or link the two portions of a french cuff, typically on a shirt or blouse. Cuff links are predominately worn by men. These fasteners may be of very simple design, consisting of a post -- a short cylindrical portion -- connecting two disc-shaped parts, one of which is sized to fit through the button-hole of the cuff, the other, which is positioned on the most visible side of, is wider. The visible part of the cufflink is often monogrammed or decorated in some way.

Cuff link designs vary widely, as do many fashion accessories. An almost unlimited variety of designs and construction details may appear on a cuff link. For example, the 'hidden' side of a cuff link may be have a portion which swivels on the central post, aligning with the post while the link is threaded through the button-hole, and swiveling into a position at right angles to the post when worn.

Research cuff link styles in the retail market.

cuff links definition

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