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A changing room in a clothing store is a small enclosure with mirrors where one can try on clothing privately. It is also known as a fitting room and it exists to allow shoppers the opportunity to test out articles of clothing to ensure that they fit properly and look good on them before they commit to a purchase.

Above is a basic definition of the changing room.  However, the changing room is not simply a room where you can go to change your clothes.  It can be a wonderful even magical place where one can experiment with clothing and possibly even take a walk on the wild side.  Essentially, the store becomes  a shopper's personal closet.  All of the clothing in the store is at your disposal.   Consumers can take any number of items into this room of fantasy and try them on without even paying for them (note: you must pay if you plan on leaving the store with the clothing).  For this brief span of time, your wardrobe is limitless... This could be a very enjoyable experience for people that love clothing.

Although the fitting room (changing room), can be a pleasant experience, the time spent in this area can also be equally upsetting and depressing.  Can you imagine how you would feel if you put on a pair of jeans that made your butt look fat???  OK, maybe you look good in all jeans.  Anyway, some of us do not look good in all jeans.  Some people actually struggle to find a well fitting pair of jeans.  I can assure you that it is not a pleasant feeling when you are in the dressing room with a pair of pants that are not flattering.

If utilized properly, a changing room can be a great place to take a walk on the wild side.  Go a head, try on a new blouse or new pair of designer jeans.  A changing room can help you find a new style.


Is a dressing room different then a changing room?

Have you tried on clothing at your favorite fashion boutique only to find out after you arrived home that the store must of had a magical mirror? When gazing into your own mirror at home you simply did not look as good as you thought.

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