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Inaugural Fashion:  A regular mom’s point of view

The day after the Inauguration of our 44th president, Barack Obama, I happen to be stuck at a Nissan dealership service waiting area for almost three hours.  It was the part of my morning that is usually filled with household chores and errands rather than sitting in front of the TV watching the Today Show, Regis & Kelly, The View, etc.  I was rather anxious because I would have much rather been getting all the things done that a mom of two young elementary school students needs to get done while the kids are in school so that my time with them can be devoted to them.  However, I was stuck waiting for my car and at the mercy of the mechanics so I figured that I had better make the best of it.  I settled in with several other “housewife” looking ladies and watched TV.  Every show devoted a segment to discussing “Inaugural Fashion.”   I heard everything from the critics’ picks and analysis, historical significance, statements the choice of designer makes, etc.  UGH!  Does this stuff really matter?!  Yeah, of course the new president, first lady and kids want to look pretty good on their special day.  They are in a tremendous spotlight for goodness sake.  I would want my family to look good too if we were in the spotlight.  But on the other hand, our country is in a serious state of disrepair (my opinion of course) and as I am sitting anxiously waiting for my 5 year old vehicle to get a “routine” service hoping and praying that I am not called over and told that it is also in need of other costly repairs that I cannot afford, I do not really care what the first family was wearing and also don’t think that we should be focusing so much energy on the subject.  Or do I care?

    I find myself more and more apt to pay closer attention after I overhear two of the other “housewife” looking ladies say that Michelle Obama’s gloves and her girls outfits were from JCREW.   JCREW is my favorite store.  They have some amazing sales (which is the only time I shop of course) and I was once asked, “if I had to pick just one store to shop in for myself and budget wasn’t an issue, which store would it be and why?”   After giving it some thought I answered, “ JCREW.  They carry products that are very good quality, they have petite sizes (which I need), a range of casual, business and special occasion attire, shoes, outerwear and accessories, their styles are classic and simple yet modern, they also have a men's and a children's line for me to do some shopping for my family while I’m there, their customer service is really terrific, their prices are not too outrageous and they have great sales.”  Yep, hands down, JCREW would be my choice.  (In fact, I sound like a JCREW commercial don’t I?)  And you say that the first lady choose her gloves and kids outfits from JCREW?  Wow, she must like my favorite store too.  No wait, this shouldn’t matter to me…..but somehow it does.  It makes her more like me than I could have ever imagined.   I can relate to her in this way.  So I guess maybe it all these news and entertainment shows, magazines, websites, etc.  aren’t completely wasting their time and energy reporting about the first family’s fashion choices.


This article was written by my beautiful wife January 22, 2009.


Do you think that Michelle Obama will be a Fashion Icon?

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