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  Blackcom Studios : Millinery by Elizabeth Bowe, unique head wear for women who appreciate style and elegance but still enjoy fun.  Racing Hats, Cocktail Hats, Bridal Party Hats, Day Hats etc.

  Church Hatz : Selection of hats, suits and crystal accessories.   One of America's leading providers of women's church hats and top quality women's church suits. Providing you with the simplicity, comfort and satisfaction that come with clothes you can live in and service you can trust. Their selection of suits includes Donna Vinci suits, St. John suits, Ben Marc suits, Lisa Rene suits, Donna Vinci Couture Suits, Terramina Suits, Chancelle Suits, Champagne Suits, Fifth Sunday Suits, Milano Suits, Toula Knits, Eva Polini Knits, Plus Sizes and much more in womens Church Suits.

  Church-hats : Straw hats with flower trims.

  Clearwater Hats : Reproductions of civilian and military Civil War hats, Victorian hats and old west hats.

  Couture Creations ~ Mary Ann Koch  Custom made hats individually handcrafted for every season and occasion. Straw, felt and fabric hats in a variety of colors and styles. Whether you're going to the Kentucky Derby, Ascot Races, attending a wedding or simply running your errands around town we have the hat for you. Looking for something special, contact them with your request to create the perfect hat for any occasion.   Address: 5859 Stump Road - Pipersville Pa 18947 Phone: 215 766 2163 Fax: 215 766 2536 E-mail:  Contact : Mary Ann Koch

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  Dave Brown Custom Hats : Handcrafted hats from the "hat maker to the stars."   There are less than 50 custom hatters working in the USA and Dave Brown is considered one of the Premiere Master Hatters in the U.S.A. Mr. Brown studied under Steve Martin, a Master Hatter at Jaylord Hatters N.Y.C. He apprenticed 5 years traveling from Rural Rochester to New York City. After finishing his apprenticeship he opened up a small hat shop in Rochester, NY and the rest is history. As a Master Hatter, he has customers all over the world, Dave's clientele go from movie stars and country stars to sports stars. Mr. Brown credentials are recognized by America's best Costume Designers and his hats adorn many movie stars in numerous movies. He has done work, and designed hats for Carnegie Hall (see "Some of Mr. Brown's satisfied customers") M.G.M., Zanuck Group, Dreamworks, Largo Productions, and Warner Bros. to name a few.

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  Davyne Dial Millinery : Whimsical and romantic designer millinery. Custom bridal hats.   Handmade designer millinery, bridal and wedding millinery, straw, felt and velvet all occasion hats. Handmade silk roses and gardenias for millinery or fashion accessories. No other fashion accessory has the power to elevate ones appearance to stunning like a beautifully designed hat

  Divamoi (Canada) :  DIVAMOI offers millinery for the modern woman who wants style and quality.  All hats are handmade by Maria Curcic and are made with attention to detail. S ome hats in Couture area and regular area are sold wholesale as well as retail.  Address 46029, 1233 9 AVE S.E. Calgary AB Canada T2G5H7 Phone 403-399-7062 E-mail Contact : Maria Curcic

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  East Angel Harbor Hats : Victorian and Edwardian style hats and bonnets.   If you�re looking for the story behind East Angel Harbor Victorian Hats and the stamp of a master milliner, this is it: "I simply love designing hats. Whether I'm designing a hat for quality as well as designing the hat for uniqueness, I put my heart into it; I love to add feathers, flowers, ribbons, tulle and occasionally a little "Whimsy" (usually a bird or a bug) in order to create that special feeling for the new owner. Each Victorian or Edwardian hat is mine until you buy it and I design the hat with that in mind...if I don't "love" the hat, I don't expect you to "love" it. "

  Fountainhead Originals : Offering vintage hats, millinery, bridal headwear, and headgear accessories.  With a variety of fabrics such as rich velvets, tapestries and wools, these Fountainhead Originals hats make wonderful accessories for many occasions. Wendy Fountain began working as a theatrical milliner and costume props artisan, and in 1995 founded "Fountainhead Originals" and began to design and produce unique casual and elegant hats. Her idea was to create hats that are beautiful and unique, while at the same time being functional and comfortable to wear. In addition to the hats shown on her web site, she will be adding summer straws, linens, and silks as well as a line of bridal headwear.

  Gayle Foshee Angel Wings and Fairy Things : The website is cute little kids in custom fabric made angel wings and petal hats. Wedding wings, flowergirl wings & ring bearer wings.  Hat designer & milliner, Gayle Foshee, designs ladies designer hats and matching K-9 wear for the pooch in her life. Her collections include: tango, retro, bridal and cocktail hats.   Address: 108 S. Nokomis Ave. Suite #2 Venice, FL. 24285 Phone & Fax: 941-486-0027 e-mail:

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  Gena Conti Millinery : Hats are made from original designs, patterns and made one at a time by hand.  Custom Millinery for Women and Hats for Men -and Ready to Wear Hats Formal Hats, Couture, Special Occasion, Wedding Hats and Headpieces, Kentucky Derby Hats, the Preakness, or Royal Ascot Millinery --hats for High Holidays ... and Casual, Comfortable, Every Day Hats for all seasons & ages.  Find a hat that fits.  Discover the difference with Gena Conti Millinery.   Gena imports unique trim, fabrics and materials for her original designs from France, China, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the Czech Republic, the Philippines and England. She travels frequently to New York, Los Angeles and Europe scouring the Fashion Districts for the latest materials. Hunting for the extraordinary plays a major role in her entire hat making process.

  Granville Millinery Company : Hand-made, women's hats created by Amy Hamilton with unique millinery trims for weddings, Kentucky Derby and Red Hat Society.

  A Hat Shop : Designer of elegant and feminine ladies hats for all occasions. Makers of felt, straw, bridal, evening and red hats. Custom orders accepted.

  Hat-A-Tude : Original ladies fashion hats for every season and occasion by designer Kathi Harris. Information on hat size, style and show schedule. Custom hat design service available. : Hats designed by Andee Kinzy. Hat information, HatChat email discussion list, resources and links.

  Hats and Veils : Custom made styles are designed by Polly Singer. Restoration service available.

  Hats By Rodena : Offers custom made straw hats, felt hats, and designer ladies hats from millinery designers like Halston, Betmar, Meril, Rodena, and others.

  Hazel's Hats Millinery : Ladies and men's ready to wear and made to order hats and head pieces for any occasion.

  Isis Fashions : Handmade millinery, fine quality felt and straw hats.

  J. Haskell Hats : Handmade, one-of-a-kind, womens hats. For summer, wedding, cocktail, winter, outrageous and with pom poms. Also sells hat stands.

  Jenn Funk Hat Shop : Custom one of a kind women's fashion, bridal and wedding hats.

  Judith M : Supplies for making hats and books about hat making.

  KaKyCo : Hand made designers stylish, felt, straw and cotton hats for women.

  Lady Diane Hats : Lady Diane women's hats are all original custom hat designs that are completely hand tailored, ALL fabric and fully lined using the finest fabrics. Lady Diane is the originator of the special unique reformable hat brim designed to accent your style and mood. Bend the hat brim into any shape, no matter how extreme. The hat brim can be bent back again, or into another shape without fear of damage. Kentucky Derby Hats, Hat Boxes, Kentucky Derby Hat, Women's Hats, Couture Hats, Ladies Hats, Church Hats, Wedding Hats, Victorian hats, Designer hats, Wholesale Hat Boxes

  Laura Lynch : Hanna Rae designs and Laura's Lids. Creator uses vintage hat blocks and does all work by hand.

  Milli Starr : Original hand-blocked hats in fine straws and felts. Feather fascinators and custom bridal headpieces. Custom inquiries welcome!

  Mollydale Knits (Australia) : Mollydale Knits offer you a brilliant range of individually crafted fashion accessories hats, scarves, wraps and bags that have been hand knitted with fibres that have been hand-dyed. The hats are hand felted.  Made from wool, mohair and alpaca blend.   Based in regional New South Wales, in the beautiful New England region, Mollydale Knits is inspired by the brilliant colors found in the bush, in the garden, in a sunset. The exquisite colors used in the classically designed Mollydale range of hats, scarves, wraps and bags are mirrored in nature.  They hope you enjoy the brilliant and unique range of Mollydale Knits products.

  More Hats : Designer women's hats and contemporary ladies hats in cotton, raffia and sewn braid.

  Nancy's Fancy Hats : Fancy riverboat gambler ,western , and panama style hats hand designed in Texas, USA.

  Patrick Bay : Hats for all occasions, from casual urban styles to cocktail and bridal head pieces.

  Pandemonium : Hats for all occasions in styles from funky to functional.  For over 12 years Pandemonium Millinery has provided custom designer hats handbag and scarves at reasonable prices to customers and business nation wide. Using gorgeous faux furs, exotic silks, fine wools, luscious velvets, and other fine fabrics. Pandemonium offers a coordinated look with a distinctive selection of women's hats, handbags and scarves for a coordinated look with attitude.

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  Queen of Hats : they carry well-known designer brands such as Eric Javits, Helen Kaminsky, Lillie & Cohoe, and the Tilley hat, and they also enjoy offering a select group of hats from their many talented artisans from the State of Maine. Other suppliers are scattered around the United States and the globe, from as far away as Russia, Israel, and Europe. The selections range from casual and beach wear to winter necessities and dress hats for special occasions. They also have an array of their own hats, made right in their shop.  They provide a nice selection of designer brands hats for women.

  Rachels Crowns : Specialized in designer hats and apparel.

  Siggi Hats : Specialized in made to order hats in choice of materials and trimmings.

  The G. Series : the g. series Hat designer & milliner, gayle foshee, designs ladies designer hats and matching K-9 wear for the pooch in her life. Her collections include: tango, retro, bridal and cocktail hats.   Address: 108 S. Nokomis Ave. Suite #2 Venice, FL. 24285 Phone & Fax: 941-486-0027

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  Victorian Vendor : Custom hand made one of a kind straw, felt and wire frame hats with unique stitched trimmings.

Do you know the difference between a milliner and a hatter?  

The difference between a hatter and a milliner is a milliner creates an exclusive head piece for a client based on the clients face, the fashion that the headpiece will be complimenting, the clients personality and their individual taste. A hatter produces hats into which a client selects i.e. "off the rack".

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Additional definitions are provided below:

A hatter is a maker or seller of hats. Milliners are a category of hatters who design women's hats.   Learn more about this definition at

Millinery is hats and other articles sold by a milliner, or the profession or business of designing, making, or selling hats and hat trim. A milliner is one who designs, makes, or sells or trims hats.   Learn more about this definition at

Please note that on this page, we are not 100% certain that each of these hat stores are milliners in the true sense of the word.  However, it is our understanding that they make and sell custom made hats.

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