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  Gerber Technology : Gerber Technology provides an extensive line of integrated computer hardware and software systems to the sewn-goods and flexible goods industries. These systems significantly improve the efficiency of information management, product and pattern design, grading and marker making/nesting, material spreading and cutting processes. The company offers automation solutions to a variety of industries including apparel, transportation, furniture, composites and industrial fabrics. Gerber Technology's world headquarters is located in Tolland, Connecticut, U.S.A. with regional offices, agents and distributors located in more than 110 countries worldwide.  Established in 1968, Gerber Technology is one of four divisions of Gerber Scientific, Inc. ( of South Windsor, Connecticut. Gerber Scientific, Inc. is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the GRB symbol.  Address: 24 Industrial Park Road West Tolland Connecticut 06084  USA  Phone: 1 800 826-3243  or 1 860 872-8082   Fax:  1 860 871-6007  Email: Contact: Raquel Wolfe

  Global Trading Systems Inc. / GTS (SoftShoe): is an application developed for the shoewear industry.  SoftShoe's Sourcing Manager gives your team the tools they need to work collaboratively with your global trading partners. It provides a common environment for managing Orders, planning and tracking critical production tasks, coordinating and reporting quality assurance inspections and capturing shipping events and information. Orders that used to take days or weeks to confirm can now be delivered, viewed and confirmed inside of a day. Queries by your staff, overseas offices, suppliers and even customers on orders and shipments are always available.

  Harper Arrington Publishing and Media: they publish books that help people learn how to start a clothing line. They have the educational resources you have been looking for. They specializing in educating aspiring and established fashion designers on the full schematics of how to start their own successful clothing line. They sell fashion books, manufacturer list and supplies. They sell HADDS fashion design software.  HADDS (Harper Arrington Digital Design System) software for the apparel designer. With this tool you will be able to create lifelike garments right on your computer with ease. Take your fashion designing and creativity to the next level today! Whether you want to design for fun, for another line or eventually your own clothing line - HADDS is for you.  Address: 18701 Grand River, #105, Detroit, MI 48223 Phone: 888-435-9234 Fax: 248-281-0373 E-mail:  Contact: John Thomas 

  Infor is a global leader in business cloud software products for companies in industry specific markets. Infor builds complete industry suites in the cloud and efficiently deploys technology that puts the user experience first, leverages data science, and integrates easily into existing systems. Lawson Software now part of Info: A fashion software solution for apparel, footwear, home textiles and accessory companies. Lawson for Fashion enables companies with complex, global supply chains, to synchronize supply and demand in real time. They deliver industry-specific solutions for companies that source, distribute, retail or manufacture apparel, footwear, home textiles, textiles and fashion accessories. Lawson provides enterprise software and service solutions in the manufacturing, distribution, maintenance, and service industries. Over 4,500 customers use theirsoftware throughout the world. They provide rich ERP solutions including finance, manufacturing, distribution, maintenance, and supply chain - complemented by solutions for human capital management, customer relationship management, business intelligence and corporate social responsibility. Many of these applications are tailored to specific industries. Their 1,700 professional consultants can help you get the most value from your Lawson software. You can work directly with us or with a network of certified partners. You can choose on-site assistance or specialized solution centers for remotely delivered services. They will focus on the software. You focus on the business. They can do a lot or a little depending on how you want to run your business.

  In- stylesoftware Inc: In-Style is a complete manufacturing solution (ERP) designed for apparel manufacturers and importers. They provide solutions for the apparel industry: ERP, PDM, MRP, CRM, e-commerce and EDI. They cover the entire Product Life Cycle (PLM). Our integrated web portals provide secure access for clients, vendors and sales representatives.

  Island Pacific (formerly SVI Solutions Inc), For more than 25 years, Island Pacific has developed a reputation for delivering high-quality, high-reliability software to the retail industry. Recently, the company has transformed itself into the low-cost, high-value provider of retail enterprise solutions by developing breakthrough technologies, and by partnering with leading consulting organizations to provide next-generation services.   In addition, Island Pacific leverages its years of experience with emerging and established retailers to craft creative solutions tailored for each customer's needs. As a result, Island Pacific is the definitive resource for scalable, flexible and affordable solutions for retailers around the world. Among the solutions that Island Pacific delivers to retailers is Inventory and Supply Chain Management, multi-channel, Loss Prevention, Consumer Research, Enterprise Process Management and POS. With nearly 200 customers, Island Pacific and its solutions are represented in more than 30,000 stores worldwide, and manage more than 1.5 billion transactions annually. Founded in 1978, the company is headquartered in Irvine, California, and has offices in the United States and the United Kingdom.  Contact:  Ron Koren e-mail: 

  JDA / Intactix International : Over the years, JDA's commitment to the industry's evolving requirements has secured their market leading position. Their global sales and delivery infrastructure includes more than 31 offices in major cities throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.  Their software applications have expanded from core merchandising and point of sale systems to today featuring more than 45 applications that help retailers, manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers maximize inventory throughout the demand chain.

JDA began in 1998 to look externally for complementary, high-value solutions. The following are acquisitions:
  • April 2002: J Commerce, a privately held developer of Java point-of-sale solutions.
  • September 2001: E3 Corporation, the global leader of inventory optimization systems, which added 550 customers in 20 countries.
  • June 2001: NeoVista products, which serve as the foundation of JDA's Advanced Optimization data mining applications.
  • February 2001: Zapotec Software, Inc. software products for managing advertising and promotion expenditures between retailers and their manufacturers.
  • April 2000: Intactix division, the market-leading provider of space management solutions for retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers, which added more than 3,000 clients worldwide.
  • June 1998: Arthur Retail division, the market leader in advanced planning and allocation software, which added approximately 240 clients.

  JPMA: JPMA is an International POS software company (Point of Sale).  Address: 1597 Cole Blvd. Golden Colorado 80401 USA Phone:  303.232.3700 Email:  marka@jpma.comContact: Mark Angeletti

  Koppermann (Germany):  The name Koppermann stands for over 20 years as a guarantor for innovative software solutions in the fashion and clothing industry. Since its founding in 1990, Koppermann has built a well-known clientele of more than 1200 companies worldwide through its pioneering spirit, innovation and passion, and has recorded a constant and sustained growth. Every day, more than 50 highly qualified industry and IT specialists develop new and tailor-made solutions for your creative value network - innovative, experienced and always up to date. USA Office: ISIS / Koppermann Address: 53 W. 36th.St. New York, NY  10018  Phone #1-877-423-0012

  Lectra Pioneers of Industry 4.0, since 2007 they have been offering intelligent and connected solutions which, due to their performance and reliability, establish new standards in the automated cutting of airbags, fabric and leather.

  Manthan Systems: Manthan Systems is a provider of specialised software solutions for the retail and consumer goods industries. Manthan helps retailers capture and process data that can be leveraged to improve planning, monitor results, analyse and anticipate changes and mine opportunities. Manthan understands retail business practices and their technology underpinnings; having worked with a wide range of food, non-food, speciality merchandise, catalogue, convenience store retailers and consumer goods companies (clothing store retailers). Manthan's EPM solution, Astra - helps retailers measure effectiveness of strategy execution. Astra is built on key business models and methods such as Scorecard/balanced Scorecard, Benchmarking/comparisons and Causality Analysis. These business models and methods are then applied within the context of retail and consumer goods industry. ARC is an out-of-the-box retail analytical and advanced reporting system, that seamlessly integrates with the core transactional systems of a retailer. The solution is built on the retail paradigm of 'Plan-Buy-Move-Sell-Analyse' and has pre-built business KPIs across business functions such as Promotions, Sales, Inventory, Loss Prevention, Merchandise, Vendors, Promotions and Customers.

apparel folder  MetaFuro: Software to collaboratively plan and manufacture products. MetaFuro saves you from using tedious email, spreadsheets, file storage, messaging apps and more. They help new brands and entrepreneurs make products people love!  Use MetaFuro to help improve Team Collaboration, Supplier Relationship Management, Project Collaboration and more.

  MOD2 for textile importers, converters, wholesalers. MOD2 is a feature-rich enterprise software designed for the textile, garment, and home furnishing industries. The system and its many modules offers support to your users by providing detailed inventory management, accounting, and real-time tracking from order entry to production, shipping, and billing. 

  NedGraphics:  Incorporated in 1978, NedGraphics specializes in the following software and consultancy activities:

  New Generation Computing (NGC): Providing software for sewn products internationally.  New Generation Computing, Inc. (NGC) is a leader in product lifecycle management (PLM), global sourcing and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for the apparel and sewn products industries.  Sharpen your supply chain management with NGC's e-PLM
and e-SPS: the industry's first, most widely installed and most complete solution encompassing the entire product lifecycle for Fashion, Apparel, Footwear and Retail.
Address: 14900 NW 79th Court Miami Lakes, FL 33016 Phone 305 556 9122  Fax # 305 828 6358  Email: 

  OptiTex USA Inc. (formerly known as Scanvec Garment Systems): specializes in the development of innovative, easy-to-operate, CAD/cAM solutions for sewn products and other related industries.  Their Microsoft Windows based software packages for digitizing, pattern engineering, grading, marking, and advanced automatic nesting are specifically designed to meet the needs of today's manufacturers of industrial fabrics, apparel, upholstery, transportation, composites, home furnishings, and other sewn products.  End-to-end digital solutions for Fashion & Apparel businesses . Address: 325 West 38th St, Suite 612, NY, NY 10018 Phone: 1-212-629-9053 Fax: 1-212-629-9055 Contact: Yoram Burg Email:

  PAD Stystems: global CAD / CAM solutions. 

  PKIM Inc.: was founded on January, 1998 in order to provide a total systems solution to retail, wholesale distribution and manufacturing for the apparel industry. PKIM, Inc. has developed an enterprise database model for apparel industry businesses and it has been applied to industries with similar inventory structures. Utilizing the enterprise database and application solution, our customer can expand their business operations without limiting their IT solutions. PKIM, Inc. has been developing a DVR with POS screen integration with incorporation from Linux DVR that gives retail customers a more secured POS environment to do better business without any additional devices or costs. AGMS is designed to provide centralized control to the production flow from sales order entry to shipping process in garment manufacturing systems. AGMS fully utilizes the most current Client Server technology to develop flexible, reliable and high performance garment manufacturing systems for their client's success in the competitive global market place. AGMS consists of GUI front-end frame objects for which rapid development of customized screens and modularized relational DBMS databases structures to adapt changes from external environment. Adaptive Garment Manufacturing System (AGMS) enables you to access real time production control of your garment manufacturing processes.

  Pointcarre USA: is one of the largest developer of Textile and apparel design software in the USA. Whether your goal is creating repeats, colorways, tonals, or separations they have software to fit your needs. Their technical Dobby and jacquard software interfaces with many of the machinery in the market.  Their software creates realistic fabric simulations of wovens, knits and prints, like never before seen.  Address: 1430 Broadway - Suite 306 New York, NY 10018 Phone # 212-398-6680   Email:   Contact:  Steve Greenberg - President

  Polygon Software (USA): Polygon Software provides end-to-end technology solutions for apparel, footwear and accessories businesses. Their solutions, known for their rapid low-cost implementation and robust function, are backed by an outstanding sales and support staff that's committed to your success.

 Polygon Software has two applications:

PolyNest is recognized as the easiest to use full-featured CAD on the market. They help manufacturer's of all sizes achieve dramatic productivity gains with fully integrated pattern design and marker making. PolyNest features free entry-level automatic marker making, outstanding pattern design, and support for a wide range of plotters, cutters and digitizers. Additional capabilities include a complete made-to-measure solution and a facility to position artwork on patterns.

PolyPM is an integrated Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that helps business increase sales, reduce costs, make better business decisions and improve customer service, by maximizing inventory, balancing supply with demand, managing product definition and tracking inventory from raw materials to distribution.

PolyPM Features: Costing and Tech Packs Budget styles and samples management, Inventory, sales orders, production, purchasing, receiving, shipping, invoicing. Discreet, outsourced, made-to-measure, serialized production models. Cut Planning, Production Planning, CRM functions, Best-of-breed Collaboration, Time & Action Calendars, Sourcing, EDI UPS, Fedex and Scan and Pack.

Customer surveys in Apparel Magazine and Gartners have consistently rated Polygon Software as a leader in customer support.  Address: 6 Reservoir Circle, Baltimore Maryland 21208 US Phone: 410.653.8004 Fax: 410.653.8022  Email:  Contact: Mickey Wohlmuth, VP Sales

  Quantum Computer Systems, Inc.:  Q_apparel / Q_import and Q_access Software solutions for the apparel industry.  Q_apparel is a powerful multi-user integrated software for the apparel industry. Q_apparel is a contemporary application that runs on today's major operating systems. For over 15 years we have worked with sales, production, accounting, warehousing and traffic professionals to meet the special requirements of apparel manufacturers.  Q_apparel is a sophisticated and complete software suite that provides full functionality In: Production, Transit and Import, Inventory, Customer orders, EDI, Warehousing, Showroom control, Sales tools and analysis, Management, Customer service, Accounting and much more.  our new Internet Client/server implementation, enables you to access your data securely, seamlessly and with full functionality from anywhere in the world! Imagine: your production personnel can enter new POs live from overseas. Your sales team can check availability and reserve goods while on the road. Have a rush order? Have your remote warehouse print pick-tickets, shipping labels and manifests - instantly.  Address: 1370 Broadway New York, NY 10018 Tel: (212) 279-6400 Email: info@iqcs  Contact: Eli Bibas

  Reach Technologies:  is one of the largest apparel software company in India.   REACH is funded by Mr. N.S. Raghavan, Co-founder and former Joint Managing Director, Infosys. REACH clients include Gokaldas Images, Zodiac Clothing, Arvind Brands, Sonal Garments, Sailakshmi Creations, Texport Garments and Francis Wacziarg among many many others. REACH solutions enable apparel companies cut costs, increase revenue, enhance quality, retain customers, and assist in anticipating opportunities by creating a real-time extended enterprise.

REACH CAD is the software tool for pattern engineering, grading and marker planning for minimizing fabric consumption and supplying the sewing sections with accurate cut parts. REACH Cut Planner is the proven industry standard Cut Planning tool that uses techniques in combinatorial optimization and decision support to let you save significant quantities of fabric. REACH Merchandising Manager is the integrated Merchandising Management solution for effectively streamlining and integrating merchandising processes and optimally utilizing resources.

  RLM Apparel Software: RLM Apparel Software Systems, an IBM Business Partner, has been providing solutions to the sewn-products industry for over 25 years. Because no two companies are alike, we work closely with our clients to ensure a custom design that fits their individual business needs. 

  Tukatech: CAD/cAM/cIM systems for the Sewn Goods Industry.  Their product line of automated systems include, TUKAstudio for fabric and Garment Design; TUKAcad for Pattern Design, Grading and Marking, TUKAjet family of High Speed Ink Jet Plotters; TUKAcut family of Single Ply Cutters; European Technology for Automatic Spreading and Cutting and TUKA-INA Systems for Unit Production Systems and Electronic Tracking in Sewing, Warehousing, Distribution and Manufacturing.  They assemble, install, train and support these Systems. With Head Quarters in Los Angeles, they have offices in San Francisco, New Delhi, Seoul, Milano, Toronto, Bangalore, Jaipur and Dominican Republic with demonstration and training facilities.  Address: 5527 E. Slauson Ave. Los Angeles, California USA  90040  Phone: 323-726-3836  Fax: 323-726-3866  Email:  Contact:  Rupi Arora, Chief Operating Officer

  WeaveIt: is a software program for creating and displaying Weaving patterns. Users create the threading, treadling and tie-up and WeaveIt will display the drawdown. Users can manage all the aspects their weaving projects with WeaveIt. 

  Winfashion98 Currently WinFashion2000 has over 180 installations nation wide, with over 1500 stations running the latest technology in software, networking and security. WinFashion2000 handles any company with sales from a single user system to over $150 million dollars/year companies. WinFashion 2000 runs over the Internet, allowing users to be anywhere in the world where there is Wired or Wireless internet access.

  World Fashion Exchange Inc. (WFX), is a global solutions provider, focused entirely on the fashion industry. Incorporated in USA, with offices in Europe, South Asia, an R&D center in India, and over 300 clients worldwide, WFX has established a significant global presence. With unprecedented domain knowledge in fashion, apparel, footwear & home furnishings, WFX offers specialized end-to-end software solutions for different segments of the fashion value chain including Retailers, Brands, Buying / Sourcing Agents, Importers & Suppliers / Manufacturers. For more information on the latest web based software solutions for the sewn goods industry such as Web PDM, Web PLM, Web ERP II, Web EDI, fashion computer software, fashion clothing software and apparel software, please contact World Fashion Exchange.

  Uphance: Uphance helps fast growing brands enhance their operations and manage their entire business successfully, integrating all key functions in an intuitive, easy-to-use and affordable solution. Gain control over all aspects of the business including wholesale and retail sales, production planning & orders, product & material inventory, procurement, and manufacturing. Get all your departments working together seamlessly.

  Xperia Solutions: a leading provider of Enterprise Software Solutions for the Soft Goods & Fashion Industries

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