Miscellaneous Fashion , Clothing , Apparel & Textile Industry Jobs
This Section is Miscellaneous, But Very Important Job Categories for the Fashion Industry presented by Apparel Search

Fashion Jobs  Job Category Directory 

Learn about fashion career paths from this miscellaneous fashion jobs section.  These are career categories that we were not able to easily categorize so we decided to create a "miscellaneous" section.







Controller Retail

Customer Service

DMM / Divisional Merchandise Manager



Educator Fashion or Textiles

Engineer Textiles

Entry Level


Executive VP / Executive Vice President

Fashion Columnist

Fashion Editor

Fashion Writer

GMM / General Merchandise Manager

Hair Stylist

Human Resources

Information Technology

Intern Fashion Industry

Inventory Control

Inventory Flow Manager

Licensing Assistant

Licensing Coordinator

Licensing Director

Licensing Manager

Loss Prevention

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By the way, the Miscellaneous Job Listing section is more important then you may think.  Just because the listings are bunched into a group called "miscellaneous" does not mean that they are not critical fashion industry positions.  In fact, in this section we have listed the CEO, Fashion Editors, Project Managers, Executive VP and even the Chairman to name a few of the important roles placed in this section.

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Fashion Job Category Directory

After approximately 467 hours, 33 minutes and 7 seconds of busting our brains to determine the best possible way to segment fashion industry careers into nicely bundled categories, we hit a wall.  Basically, their are too many darn jobs ... Each of which are very important to the fashion industry and serve a particular and unique function.  Rather then spending the next 10 years debating categories, it has been decided to create a "Miscellaneous" page (the page you are on now...) 


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