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Where can we find information about fashion?  If you would have asked me this questions 25 years ago, my answer most likely would have been that you should check the library or visit a fashion school.  However, in modern times, the best place to find information about fashion is on the internet.  Although libraries and fashion schools, are great places to "learn about fashion", they simply are not as vast as the internet. Therefore, when searching for "information" about fashion my first choice is typically the internet.  Please note that you will be able to "find" information about fashion on the internet, but you may actually need a professor or librarian to explain the details to you...  There is no substitute to a good teacher or good librarian.

If you simply wish to find as much information as possible about fashion, I believe that the internet is your best resource.
If you wanted to know where to find information about the fashion industry, I would suggest you stick right here on Apparel Search.  Or I would possibly send you over to the fashion industry network to learn more.  However, if you are not specifically researching the "industry" I may suggest some additional resources.  For example, you may wish to review fashion blogs, fashion magazines, shopping websites, etc.
You can find many excellent fashion resources in our fashion directory section.  From the websites presented in that area, you can really learn the ins and outs about fashion.

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