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Fashion Design Job Descriptions

Welcome to the fourth page of our fashion industry design job description guide.  In this section you will find addition career paths that are available to people interested in working in a design relevant position within the clothing or textile industry.

Packaging Design

Plus Size Clothing Designer

Private Label Designer

Product Development

Product Development Engineer

Senior Merchandiser

Senior Technical Designer

Store Designer

Studio Manager

Suit Designer

Sweater Designer

Swimwear Designer

Swimwear Designer Children's

Swimwear Designer Men's

Swimwear Designer Women's

Technical Designer

Textile Designer

Textile Knit Designer

Textile Woven Designer

Trend Forecaster

Visual Merchandise Manager

Visual Merchandising

VP Merchandising (Vice President)

Window Design

Window Display

Women's Wear Designer

Woven fabric Designer

Woven Garment Designer

Young Men's Designer

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