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Do you want to become a fashion buyer?  The industry has a wide variety of buyer career paths.  Below you will find more of our textile & fashion relevant buyer job description categories.

Knit fabric Buyer

Knits Buyer

Lingerie Buyer

Maternity Buyer

Menswear Buyer

Missy Buyer

Neckwear Buyer / Tie Buyer

Outerwear Buyer

Outerwear Buyer - Children's

Outerwear Buyer - Men's

Outerwear Buyer - Women's

Pants Buyer

Plus Size Buyer

Purchasing Agent

Shirt Buyer

Shoe Buyer

Sleepwear Buyer

Swimwear Buyer

Swimwear Buyer Children's

Swimwear Buyer Men's

Swimwear Buyers Women's

Tailored Clothing Buyer

Tie Buyer / Neckwear Buyer

Trims Buyer

Trousers Buyer

T-shirt Buyer

Underwear Buyer

Underwear Buyer - Children's

Underwear Buyer - Men's

Underwear Buyer - Women's

Womenswear Buyer

Youngmens Buyer

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