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James Holdsworth (United Kingdom) James Holdsworth & Brothers Ltd is the oldest privately owned manufacturer of card clothing in the world. Based in Mirfield, West Yorkshire in the UK, they produce a complete range of flexible and metallic card clothing for the textile and allied industries worldwide, as well as related machinery. In recent years, the company has expanded into a global enterprise, exporting to over 30 countries. Innovation is a quality that is readily associated with the Holdsworth name. For example, the creation of the Holdsworth Sliver Ring, a unique patented product for card clothing, marks a significant step forward in the advancement of machine technology. The product has revolutionized the sliver knit sector, and has positioned the company as world leader in its specialised sector. Another patented product is the 200 series Grinder which is the fastest known grinder for any type of card to 3.5m and above. It represents the very latest in grinding technology, incorporating many new features that improve productivity and maintenance. The metallic cleaning tool/kit is also a new innovation for all types of metallic wires and card widths.
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Used for processing fine exotic fibres such as cashmere, yak, superfine merino and super quality weaving yarns used in the manufacture of luxury fabrics as the high quality yarns used by the carpet industry

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