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Jen-Haur Company (Taiwan) , established in 1976, is the leader of circular knitting machine spare parts manufacturer. Accumulate 25 years experience and development, their technology and performance character takes care every little details for you. Their main products are Multi-Function positive feeder, supply two or more different types of yarn with different tension at the same time (For Striper or Jacquard M/c). Positive Feeders with horizontal feeding device, customer has more space to change the sizes of knob catcher and vary easy to clean the dust from the cover or the knob catcher. Alum.-Alloy Positive Feeder, special design for Micro-fiber and it has auto-clean function as well. Lycra Feeders, can assembly with different parts for different function, put on the metallic roller for running metallic yarn, or put on the bracket and the cover to avoid the dust get on the yarn. They have also Testing Equipments: sample cutters, weight scales, swatch cutters, magnifiers, tension meters, yarn length meters, cleaning gun, .etc. Creel Stands: Side creel stands, vertical creel stands, and vertical tube creel stands and kinds of Accessories.
  • Circular Knitting Machine Spare Parts
  • Striper
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  • Sample Cutters
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  • Swatch Cutters
  • Creel Stands
  • Tension Meters

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